Latest Articles - Volume 7 No. 1

  • Applications of Graph Labeling in Communication Networks

    INTRODUCTION‘A graph is a pair G = (V, E); where V is the set of all vertices and E the set of all edges; and the elements of E are subsets of V containing exactly 2 elements’.G is called a labeled graph if each edge e=UV is given the value f (UV) =

    N. Lakshmi Prasanna

  • Encrypt Sms Messages Using Play Fair Method

    Introduction Cell phone is one of the forms of communication that relies on wireless connectivity through a network of transmission towers distributed within a specific area. The development of mobile handset devices become more than a means of voice communication. It became so used as Computer devices palms for appointments

     Wurood Mahdi Sahib, Jullanar Ali Al-Motairy and  Luay Habeeb Hashim

  • Implementation of Artificial Neural Network Training Data in Micro-Controller Based Embedded System

    INTRODUCTION Neural networks are employed in various areas, but their effective use in real-world applications requires efficient hardware implementations. As compared to analog implementations, digital realizations of neural networks can provide advantageous features such as dynamic range, accuracy, modularity, scalability, and programmability. From the architecture design view, digital implementations of neural

    Jnana Ranjan Tripathy1, Hrudaya Kumar Tripathy2, S.S.Nayak3