Latest Articles - Volume 8 No. 1

  • A Novel Approach to Group Research Proposal and Allocate the Research Reviewer by Using Text-Mining and Clustering

    Introduction Research Project Selection is very important aspect in process of selection the research project selection. For that before we select any of the research proposals it needs to be grouped for the better project selection. So in this paper we introduce one technique for grouping of the research proposals

    Geeta Dangar*, Vipul Vekariya, Daxa Vekariya

  • Empirically Implementation Adaboost to Solve Ambiguity

    Introduction One of natural language processing applications is word sense disambiguation. There are two main ways to identify meaning of word correctly: Supervised Approach Where along with the algorithm context is used to train system to identify word correctly. Adaboost, is theoretical approach for learning model called probably Approximately correct

    Boshra F. Zopon AL Bayaty1, Shashank Joshi2

  • An Incentive-Based Peer-to-Peer Grid Scheduling

    K.Srinivasa Rao1* and M.V.S.N. Maheswar2

  • Enabling New Generation Security Paradigm With Quantum Cryptography

    Introduction In our modern age of telecommunications and the Internet, information has become a precious commodity. There are many features and applications to secure the data, commerce and payments to private communications and protecting passwords. The essential feature for secure communications is that of cryptography, which not only protects data

    T Venkat  Narayana Rao1, Maithreyi Simhachalam2, Smitha Bandyala2, B. Vasundara Devi4

  • Website Injection for Fraudulent Activities and Ways to Combat

    Introduction With the Internet becoming the governing network for advertising and marketing, online advertisements are more and more used for illegal purposes such as scamming, propagating malware, click frauds, etc. Malware, in short the malicious software, is any type of software that is used to interrupt computer operation, provide access

    T Venkat Narayana Rao1, Jella Shruthi2, Thakkallapally Sneha2