Latest Articles - Volume 7 No. 1

  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Diagnosis Using Neuro-Fuzzy Expert System

    Introduction Recent advances in the field of artificial intelligence have led to the emergence of expert systems for medical applications. Moreover, in the last few decades computational tools have been designed to improve the experiences and abilities of physicians for making decisions about their patients. Major initiatives to improve the

    B.O. Ojeme1 and Akazue Maureen2

  • Key Success Factors for Data Warehouse Implimentation:Analysis

    INTRODUCTION Data Warehouse (DWH) is a technique for properly storing and managing data from different data sources for the purpose of  business performance analysis. Decision support system (DSS) is an area of the information systems (IS) discipline that focuses on supporting and improving managerial decision making.  In terms of contemporary

    Dr. Shobha.D

  • Applications of Graph Labeling in Communication Networks

    INTRODUCTION‘A graph is a pair G = (V, E); where V is the set of all vertices and E the set of all edges; and the elements of E are subsets of V containing exactly 2 elements’.G is called a labeled graph if each edge e=UV is given the value f (UV) =

    N. Lakshmi Prasanna