Last date for submission: 20th August 2014
Publication date (online): 31st August 2014
Publication date (print): 10th September 2014.

Latest Articles - Volume 7 No. 1

  • Key Management Using Dynamic Multicast Functionality of OMCT

    INTRODUCTION A MANET (Mobile Ad Hoc Network) is a characterized by the deficiency of any fixed infrastructure, so there is no fixed topology in communication networks. The multicast services are developed constantly from last decade. Multicast transmission is an efficient communication method for group oriented applications, such as video conference,

    Prof. Vikram M. Agrawal

  • Fuzzy Expert System For Malaria Diagnosis

    INTRODUCTION Malaria (meaning “bad air”) is an infectious and life-threatening disease caused by a parasite (plasmodium) which is transmitted from human to human by the bite of infected female Anopheles mosquitoes, usually found in the tropical and sub-tropical regions (WHO, 2011). When the culprit mosquito sinks its sting into a person’s

    Ojeme Blessing Onuwa

  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Diagnosis Using Neuro-Fuzzy Expert System

    Introduction Recent advances in the field of artificial intelligence have led to the emergence of expert systems for medical applications. Moreover, in the last few decades computational tools have been designed to improve the experiences and abilities of physicians for making decisions about their patients. Major initiatives to improve the

    B.O. Ojeme1 and Akazue Maureen2