Latest Articles - Volume 7 No. 2

  • On the Consequence of Variation Measure in K- Modes Clustering Algorithm

    Introduction Advances in sensing and storage technology and dramatic growth in applications such as Internet search, digital imaging, and video surveillance have created many high-volume, and high dimensional data sets [1]. The widespread use of computer and information technology has made extensive data collection in business, manufacturing and medical organizations a

    Dr. Abedalhakeem T. Issa

  • Implementing Divide and Conquer Technique for a Big-Data Traffic

    Introduction Recent business trends suggest that, big data analysis is becoming indispensable for automatic discovering of intelligence that is involved in the frequently-occurring patterns and hidden rules but it takes more time to process, manipulate and update the data in the database. So in computer science, Divide and Conquer (D

    Ishwar Baidari, S. P. Sajjan, Vijaykumar G., Ajith H.

  • Improving Network Attack Alarm System: A Proposed Hybrid Intrusion Detection System Model

    INTRODUCTION Since the invention and advancement in technology, people have been finding ways of attacking the network through the development of software and other malicious acts. Over the past few years, these attacks have increased to the point where almost every computer and network is exposed to some form of

    Ojeme Blessing Onuwa