Latest Articles - Volume 8 No. 1

  • Traffic Sign Symbol Recognition Using Single Dimension PCA

    Introduction If the vehicle have these technologies, then we save the life of driver as well as we can have great potential to save precious life of a driver. Now a days every vehicle are embedded with these kind of technologies for the safer drive. For the driver to assist

    Shashidhar T Halakatti1, Shambulinga T Halakatti2

  • Analysis of Uk’s Retail Industry Via Online Editorial Media

    IntroductionThe UK retail sector covered all businesses that sold goods to the public i.e. large chains, department stores, independent stores, virtual stores. The UK retail sector was a leader in innovation. Various retail formats were Hypermarkets & Supermarkets, Small super-stores, Convenience stores, Discounters, Departmental stores/local stores/specialty stores and online. E-commerce

    Jolly Masih*, Mohit Sharma, Amita Sharma

  • Designing an Efficient Rail-to-Rail Class ab Amplifier as Buffer in Lcd

    Introduction With increasing demand of LCD panel for high color depth and resolution it is hard to design a buffer with high resolution. The buffer has to match the speed, resolution, voltage swing and power dissipation of an LCD driver’s to get high resolution. The resolution of the amplifier is

    Sana Qureshi*, Saima Ayyub Khan, Paresh Rawat

  • AIDE—Aid for Heads Up Display Navigation

    Introduction A head-up display or heads-up display—also known as a HUD—is a display which is transparent  that displays information without taking users to look out from their usual vantage points. The name origins from the word pilot i.e. being able to get information with the head positioned “up” and calculating

    Anand Kumar Singh1, Umang Kumar Singh, Mahathi Penmetsa, T. Venkat Narayana Rao2

  • Comprehensive Review on Wireless Sensor Networks

    Introduction Wireless sensor network (WSN) is widely considered as one of the most important technology in the past decades. It has received tremendous attention from all over the world [1]. A WSN typically consists of a large number of low-cost, low-power, and multifunctional wireless sensor nodes, with sensing, wireless communications

    Rupam Sharma* and Nidhi Tripathi