Latest Articles - Volume 7 No. 2

  • A Comparative Study of Classification Techniques in Data Mining Algorithms

    Introduction Classification techniques in data mining are capable of processing a large amount of data. It can be used to predict categorical class labels and classifies data based on training set and class labels and it can be used for classifying newly available data.The term could cover any context in which

    Sagar S. Nikam*

  • Enhance the Interaction Between Mobile Users and Web Services Using Cloud Computing

    Introduction Mobile clients are likely to upsurge progressively from current users. As cellular network infrastructures incessantly improve, their data broadcast develops gradually affordable and available, and thus  they are becoming  prevalent  traditions  to  access  the  Internet  Based Services,  mainly  the  Web  Services  that  are  also available  in  the  cloud computing.

    Atul M. Gonsai1, Mr Rushi R. Raval2

  • Implementing Divide and Conquer Technique for a Big-Data Traffic

    Introduction Recent business trends suggest that, big data analysis is becoming indispensable for automatic discovering of intelligence that is involved in the frequently-occurring patterns and hidden rules but it takes more time to process, manipulate and update the data in the database. So in computer science, Divide and Conquer (D

    Ishwar Baidari, S. P. Sajjan, Vijaykumar G., Ajith H.