Latest Articles - Volume 7 No. 2

  • Computer Support for Dynamic Decision Making

    Introduction How do managers take decisions?What do they depend on in making decisions? To understand the ideas behind the dynamic decision making it is essential to understand the process of making decisions. Utilizing information in a good way in organizations is considered the biggest bottleneck and more challenging than collecting

    Fadi Al-Kailani

  • Modern Class Room: A New Approach Towards Teaching and Learning

    INTRODUCTION The public education system no longer considers the integration of technology as a debatable issue in the classroom. In fact, many schools have started to incorporate the technological use of computers and mobile devices in the classroom to further the academic performance of students. Computer application in the classroom

    M. A. Deshmukh1, S.D. Kalyankar2, D.N. Bajad3, S.S. Chopde3

  • A Novel Secure Image Hiding pn Indexed Images Using Pixel-Matching Technique

    INTRODUCTION Steganography means covered or hidden writing [1, 3]. The goal of steganography is to send a message through some unsuspicious carrier. The message can be a text, an image or it can be an audio file. Steganography technique helps in hiding the fact that a secret message is being

    J.N.V.R.Swarup Kumar, Chaitanya Vemali